Voluum is a tool for online marketers helping them to target a particular audience. It offers a variety of complex preferences for main analytics and targeting functionalities.


The goal

To make forms simpler to use and more consistent further development-wise.

My role

Product Design

The challenge

Forms are the most important elements of Voluum product. Identifying problems around them we wanted to understand users as much possible to bring a new quality of interaction with the app. During the project, we brought some great solutions to challenges we faced.

Initial research

To hear user's voice we worked seamlessly with the Business team which conducted an uncountable amount of user interviews gaining their feedback regarding their complains and expectations for features. To make sure that we're meeting users needs, we used to release new solutions progressively, always starting with 20 users to gain their feedback.


How to gather voice of user, business and technology together? During the project we had been organizing workshops inviting stakeholders from every field involved the topic, creating one interdisciplinary team. Thanks to that we were able to share ideas from different points of view, sketch them together and follow sprints during which we had been rapidly prototyping and validating our theories.


Reducing cognitive overload

Previews forms had an issue with cognitive overload due to being one extremally long nest. During workshops, we built architecture for every form letting us sort content by individual steps and groups.


We also built a dynamic layout for new forms where users can interact in two ways adapting to a particular context and focusing attention currently used space.



Attached to the left margin of the interface, the 512px wide window allowing user manage set up on the top level, and input new settings and content on the 512px wide popover window pointing directly to its slot. This solution was created to answer user's need for adjusting already existing set up referring to data from reports.

Morphed sidebar window with work area being previously the popover window; both transformed into the 1024px wide fullscreen window. This solution was created to help user's focus on a form creating a new campaign for the first time. If user wants to refer to existing data, he/she can switch the window to sidebar mode.